17th Annual Saratoga Sparks “Original” Thoroughbred Classic Girls Basketball Tournament
Tuesday, June 05, 2018  

Thank you to all the programs who played in the Thoroughbred Tournament! We look forward to seeing you all next year! 

17th Annual Saratoga Sparks “Original” Thoroughbred Classic Girls Basketball Tournament

June 2-3, 2018


Hudson Valley Knights

Rochester Warriors

North Central Blaze

Simcoe County North Stars

Schoharie Valley Nitros

Queensbury Triple Threat

CT Storm

Shen Pride

Waterloo Lady Indians

Berkshire Mountaineers

Triple Threat - NY

US Lady Hoopsters

Spa Saints

Rome Lady Rebels

STNY Flyers

Syracuse Nets

CT Spirit 

Empire Dragons 

Mass Fusion 

Albany Capitals 



Simcoe County Drive
2018 Marvelous May Mother's Day Raffle
Monday, May 07, 2018  
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Marvelous May Mother’s Day Raffle 2018 Winners 

May 1st – Trevor Brady sold by Camille Sterling (Coach Bowman)

May 2nd –Jamie Nolan sold by Ruthie Nolan (Coach Bowman)

May 3rd – Marc Phinney sold by Mia Rath (Coach McGee)

May 4th -Frank Albert sold by Logan Allen (Coach Mesick) 

May 5th – Rich Moore sold by Jenya Robinson (Coach Bowman)

May 6th – M. Martin sold by G. Martin (Coach Mesick)

May 7th- Rachel Collet sold by Jenna Slader (Coach Bowman) 

May 8th – Dennis Ginard (Coach MCGee)

May 9th- Lisa Munter sold by Lauren LaFountain (Coach Pearson)

May 10th  - Phyllis Bain sold by Renna Poulin (Coach Rosales)

May 11th - Theresa Kelly sold by Niamh Kelly (Coach Kelly)

May 12th – Debbi Anderson sold by Kelly Anderson (Coach Bowman)

Mothers Day May 13th- Elizabeth Sikoryak sold by Isabelle Sikoryak (Coach McGee) Congratulations! 

May 14th – Candy Nalewajek – sold by Ally Teitsch (Coach Welch)

May 15th – M. Martin – sold by G. Martin (Coach Mesick)

May 16th – Evan Christeau – sold by Olivia Kelley (Coach Rosales) 

May 17th– Christine Conway sold by Cameryn Wilders (Coach Pearson)

May 18th – Theresa Kelly sold by Niamh Kelly (Coach Kelly)

May 19th – Karen Carminue sold by Nora Carminue (Coach Shields)

May 20th  Mandee Slader sold by Jenna Slader (Coach Bowman) 

May 21st Joseph Dean sold by Madden Abraham (Coach Pearson)

May 22nd- Sam Clifford sold by Nadia (Coach Clifford)

May 23rd Mike La Frenier sold by Cayden Williams (Coach McGee)

May 24th – Phillip Cenaesl sold by Sydney Canaesl (Coach Shields)

May 25th – Tim Boissy sold by Alyson Boissy (Coach Shields)

May 26th – Terry Krofecheck sold by Ahnalese Pearson (Coach Rosales)

May 27th – Priscilla Lent sold by Madison Lent (Coach Kelly)

May 28th-Cynthia Clune sold by Aislynn Dixon (Coach Pearson)

May 29th-Steve Frank sold by Mikaela Frank (Coach McGee)

May 30th-Karen Barakat sold by Emma Taylor (Coach Welch)

May 31st-Linda Cyrus sold by Megan Deasy (Coach Mesick) 

2018 Upstate New York BlueStar Saratoga Sparks Elite Team
Tuesday, March 13, 2018  
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2018 Upstate New York BlueStar Saratoga Sparks Elite Team-Coach Sydnie Rosales 

Alivia Paeglow Colonie 2019 

Maddy Malicki Shaker 2019 

Lauren Obermeyer Columbia 2019 

Olivia Kelley Averill Park 2019

Renna Poulin Tamarac 2019 

Sareena DiCerbo Colonie 2020 

Ahnalese Pearson Colonie 2020

Sarah Mattfeld Catholic High 2021 

Congratulations to Queens College star Madison Rowland-Division II Player of the Year-2013 Saratoga Sparks Alumni
Saturday, March 25, 2017  
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Great article regarding a Saratoga Sparks alumni player and daughter of our current Board Member Stacey Rowland. 


2013 Saratoga Sparks Alumni-Madison Rowland-Queens College
Thursday, March 23, 2017  

Madison Rowland was a four year Sparks Player and Varsity Standout at Shaker. With the Sparks she played on 3 teams that finished in the top ten at Nationals. She is the consummate team player. We are so proud of her achievements both with and after the Sparks. 


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