If I leave the program can I get my money back?
No, This is the policy of the Saratoga Sparks, once a family has committed to playing the money is collected and used to pay for AAU fees, uniforms and tournament entry fees.

How do I determine which team I should tryout for?
AAU is now structured around grade. Teams are organized around what grade the player is in.  For example, all 6th graders try out for 6th grade teams. In rare circumstances a player may be placed on a team with players of another grade. 
What is the cost of the program?

There is a $25.00 non-refundable AAU fee due at registration. The program participation fee ranges between $575 and $650 year year. Contact the Sparks for current pricing. There will be an additional cost for the uniform which will be provided at the tryout. There are also travel costs which will vary depending on the type and amount of travel. We do provide a 10% Sibling discount 

How long does the season run?
The season begins shortly after tryouts and for most teams ends at the conclusion of the school year. Some teams will continue to play during the summer.

How many tournaments are there and where are they located?
12 player teams compete in 7 tournaments. Teams comprised of fewer than or more than 12 players may have adjustments made to the number of tournaments their fee covers. While there are an increasing number of local tournaments, most teams will travel out of town for some tournaments. The amount of out of town tournaments will vary depending on the age, level and interest of the players, coaches and parents.

Does every player make a team?

We strive to find a team for every player and have usually been able to do so, but it is not guaranteed. Our rapid growth has stretched our ability to get adequate gym time and enough coaches.

When and where are practices?
Most teams average two practices per week in the evening. Most teams will practice at Union College however some teams may practice at other gyms within the Capital District.

Do I have to come to tryouts to make a team?
We highly encourage players to make it to both tryout days.  Should conflicts, injuries, or sickness prevent your child from attending either or both days please note it during registration if known.  If injured, players should have medical clearance to tryout.  Should your daughter only make one of the days, the evaluators will do the best to ensure she is placed on the appropriate team.  If your daughter is prevented from attending both sessions, we will rely on previous Sparks board members’ knowledge of her skills – past season AAU or travel seasons – to help us in the evaluation.  Neither of these scenarios is ideal, but we strive to ensure players are matched to the correct team.